About the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Established in 2003, the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) is the world’s first bioengineering and nanotechnology research institute. IBN’s mission is to conduct multidisciplinary research across science, engineering, and medicine for breakthroughs to improve healthcare and quality of life.

IBN's research activities are focused in the following areas:

  • Nanomedicine, where functionalized polymers, hydrogels and biologics are developed as therapeutics and carriers for the controlled release and targeted delivery of therapeutics to diseased cells and organs.

  • Cell and Tissue Engineering, where biomimicking materials, stem cell technology, microfluidic systems and bioimaging tools are combined to develop novel approaches to regenerative medicine and artificial organs.

  • Biodevices and Diagnostics, which involve nanotechnology and microfabricated platforms for high-throughput biomarker and drug screening, automated biologics synthesis, and rapid disease diagnosis.

  • Green Chemistry and Energy, which encompass the green synthesis of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, catalytic conversion of biomass, utilization of carbon dioxide, and new nanocomposite materials for energy applications.

Scientific Impact

  • More than 950 papers published in leading scientific journals
  • Over 1,000 seminars and presentations at international conferences, including over 6560 invited, keynote and plenary lectures
  • Organized premier scientific meetings such as the International Conference on Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Nano Today Conference, and the IBN International Symposium

Technological and Commercialization Impact

  • Over 500 active patents and patent applications
  • Over 80 licensed patents and patent applications
  • 7 spin-off companies
  • Over 150 active research collaborations with industrial, clinical and academic partners

Nurturing Future Research Talents

  • Trained over 107 PhD students
  • Over 72,300 students and teachers from 290 local and overseas schools/universities have participated in IBN’s Youth Research Program
  • More than 1,880 students and teachers have completed research attachments at IBN


Abstract Submission Deadline:
July 15, 2014

Abstract Acceptance Notification:
September 1, 2014

Early Bird Registration Deadline:
October 1, 2014

Online Registration Deadline:
November 15, 2014

Symposium Dates:
December 8-9, 2014


Early Bird Rate:
(By October 1, 2014)
Delegate: SGD 400.00
Affiliate: SGD 300.00
Student: SGD 200.00

Regular Rate:
(From October 2, 2014)
Delegate: SGD 500.00
Affiliate: SGD 400.00
Student: SGD 250.00

Student Forum:
SGD 50.00

Note: 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be charged for each registration.


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Tel: +65 6824 7005 or
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Fax: +65 6478 9987